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Websites have become a necessary tool in successful marketing for all businesses. They provide year-round organic opportunities for your customers to find you long-term at a low cost.

We believe ALL businesses need websites.

We offer reasonably priced WordPress website options as our commitment to getting more businesses online. We want to help fit your project to your budget.

While we work with many different website platforms, we highly recommend using WordPress to manage your content and site updates. WordPress has become a growing CMS standard not only for those looking to control their ranking signals, but also for those looking to easily make updates.

We harness the power of WordPress to build a website that will help your business perform online long term. Our team focuses strongly on usability, mobile friendliness, page speed and an ‘SEO First’ mentality. Our sites are built to provide a solid foundation for successful online marketing that can grow with your business.

Website Build Options

Low Budget Theme Customization to Pixel Perfect Custom Designs

Use the TailoredPress Theme

Built to help any business get online and grow their presence. We’ve created and developed a design from the ground up to build a lean theme that can present your brand professionally. This is a great option to get your site up fast without compromising the drawbacks some multipurpose themes have.

Starting at $750/site*

Choose a Theme

WordPress has the native function to change your theme. There are many credible publishers with prebuilt themes we can implement and customize as needed to fit your brand and business. This is a great option to get something up and fast, and on a budget, but since most themes are ‘multipurpose’ using them tends to have slower page speeds.

Starting at $1000/site*

Custom Design & Development

Offering custom site designs and development that is all US-based, we’ll design and build a one of a kind website for your business. Often times this is a great way to audit your site while modernizing your look.

Starting at $3500/site*

*Prices are subject to change based on project needs.

Our Website Build Process

7 Steps to Website Success

  1. Intake

    To get started we want to know a little more about the business, goals and get any necessary logins.

  2. Strategize

    After reviewing the intake, we’ll want to look at your content and site structure to ensure you’ll have long-term success. We’ll identify any items that could be better optimized and plan on implementing changes in the new design.

  3. Design

    After having the initial intake and consult with the designer, the initial design mock-up(s) are started. They take two to three weeks to create once they are finalized. They will be sent for feedback on revisions.

  4. Revisions

    An appointment to review the design with us will be set, and we’ll work with you through two rounds of design feedback. We’ll take your feedback for revisions and resend for review as needed until getting approval to move into development.

  5. Develop

    Our team will start construction of your website by developing the functionality, creating the style, implementing content, optimizing keywords and testing for display issues. This process normally takes 2-3 weeks after attaining development approval.

  6. Site Review

    We review the site with you after completion for approval to launch. Often, this is a good time to make final textual edits and updates before going live.

  7. Launch!

    We pre-launch the website ensuring redirects are accounted for and all site configuration is correct to go live. During the launch of your new website, we’ll set up both Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The Google Analytic account is set to track web conversions. The Google Search Console submits your new site to the search engine. This process is also when the final functionality tests are held for forms, purchases, etc.