About Us

Our Mission. Our Story. Our People.

TailoredPress is dedicated to helping businesses grow through sustainable long-term online marketing. For businesses that don’t have an online presence we want to give you one, and if you’re already online, we want to make what you have an even better one.

Our Story

Proudly based out of Colorado, we’re a small team of highly motivated minds with experience that lends itself perfectly to help integrate with businesses to drive sustainable lead generation and growth. Operating in almost any niche or locale, with an array of businesses, we’ll leverage your unique value propositions online to truly differentiate yourself from the competition.

With over seven years of current active online marketing experience, we can tailor a website and strategy that puts a priority on ‘SEO First’ development, page speed, mobile friendliness and ethical on-going campaign tactics. Having a clear understanding of search engines and ranking signals our goal is to integrate these practices at the beginning of good marketing campaigns instead of as an afterthought.

Why ‘TailoredPress’?

Knowing that there are a lot of ‘package’ and fixed marketing solutions that don’t fit businesses well, we wanted to create something that focuses on the customer first. Every business is unique and individual, like their value propositions, and we want to ‘tailor’ an affordable solution for businesses to market online that fits.

Tailored + Press

Secondly, websites are fundamental to what we do, and being so passionate about using WordPress, ‘press’, to empower businesses to take control of their online destinies.

We thought our name wouldn’t be fitting unless we described what we tailor.

How We Work With Clients

We integrate our offerings in 3 ways:


We offer consulting time where our team sits down, examines your project, helps identify ways to influence your rankings and grow your business with your own efforts.

One-Off Projects

Many of our offerings are one-off projects that we audit or develop a deliverable product for your company. Because our projects are each designed for longterm success, this keeps the investment cost fixed, so you only pay for the services that you need.

On-Going Retainer

Normally starting with an audit, to identify quick improvements we’ll take your website, optimize it, fine tune it, and then execute ongoing marketing campaigns to improve traffic and generate more customers. Ongoing campaigns also include: monthly reporting, quarterly strategy development and monthly website updates.

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Designers, developers, and consultants: