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We offer search engine optimization and search marketing to help businesses improve traffic and acquire more online leads.

Taking full advantage of optimizing your web presence for your business, we’ll employ strategies tailored just for you and your niche. Strategies focus on the unique values in your business, leveraging them to success in local search, organic search and paid marketing campaigns.

About Search Engine Marketing

There are endless approaches and many mediums that can be marketed online, but normally when talking about search engines it will boil down to three major categories: organic, local and paid marketing. Businesses may have different needs when influencing each of these mediums to drive results, but all businesses can benefit from search marketing.

“On a Broad Scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the way tv, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as a marketing tactic.”
Duane Forrester, Yext

Organic Search

These are unpaid listings found in search engines and the ranking factors that influence those organic results. Organic search campaigns can be highly effective but require time, content strategy, and often, link building. Influenced more by the authority of your website (such as content strategy and the usability to visitors), the benefit for organic search campaigns can be higher ROI than paid search campaigns since you aren’t charged per click. The investment for organic search comes from gaining and maintaining the ranking over time.

Local Search

Similar to the organic search rankings, local listings are unpaid search results based on the user’s geographic location when searched. Local Search results are easily identified by the red Google map marker. Local Search campaigns are excellent for local businesses to drive more relevant traffic from around the area. While there are some similar ranking factors that influence local search results, they are influenced uniquely by citations and customer reviews.

Local search is ideal for businesses who have a local geographic target and essential to any business looking for more foot traffic to their location.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

For many businesses, the Pay Per Click model might not work well for the products or services you provide and the ROI from these campaigns. The trick to doing effective paid marketing is finding the right low-cost conversion keywords that drive relevant leads. Since each click is paid for, normally investments in PPC advertisement will happen once the site and ad have been optimized for quality score and conversion.

Types of Campaigns

Campaigns by Commitment Level

One-Off Campaigns

Our one time services selection can be ideal to keep costs low if you have an in-house team to implement our audit notes which consists of what needs to be fixed and how to move forward. For search engine marketing and optimization we normally recommend using our comprehensive website audit and page speed audit services. These reports are used to identify factors for better optimization.Starting at: $250.00

Monitoring & Reporting

We offer low commitment ongoing website monitoring, reporting and regular updating packages for businesses that need online updates, monitoring and analysis year round. This package is like having a webmaster and marketing consultant on retainer, monitoring the site monthly for influxes in traffic, site outages and making site updates on your behalf. This package includes quarterly reporting and consults over the site progress as well. Starting at: $200/mo

On-going Campaigns

Our on-going campaigns are tailored for each business taking into account your niche, competition and business goals. Each campaign considers local search, organic search and paid search marketing to develop an on-going marketing strategy that will help grow search traffic and generate more customers. We start by looking at on site and technical ranking factors first, then working toward on-going content creation/blogging, link building, citations and other off-site factors to improve site authority. Each campaign comes with monthly reporting and available review of progress. Starting at: $1000.00/mo