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New business or an existing brand? Get a fresh look.

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The Importance of a Strong Brand

Your brand defines your business by the way it looks, casting the first and lasting impressions about who you are. Your logo, color palette, and typography alone can attract or deter customers from your brand. We have experience in creating and developing brands with powerful, one of a kind identities.

Whether you’re a new company starting fresh, or an existing brand looking to update your image, we’ll put years of business experience and design expertise to work to build you a brand that customers will recognize and remember.

Offering our branding services both in a complete package, and individually, you get only what your business needs right now.

Each deliverable has two rounds of revisions and one on one consultation with our Tailors about your design.

Logo Design

We’ll work with you to create a logo for your business to stand beside. We’ll consider your color palette, typography and unique values to design your logo to ensure you have a visual identity that will leave customers remembering you over the competition.

Starting at: $300.00

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What’s Included:

Business Cards & Flyer Design

Select print design services for business.

Business cards are critical for professional interactions, providing a reminder about your services. Our Promotional Flyer designs are perfect for booths, handouts, and mailers. Other forms of design for print may be available upon request. If you have a print need and want to make sure it matches your online brand, give us a call.

Starting at: $300.00/each

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What’s Included:

Website Design

Our specialty–website design and development–is a balance of utility and beauty. Always striving for a visually appealing, yet effective, design with consistent calls to action, we consider your consumer-based targets and branding to deliver unique designs to set you apart from your competition. We take a modern approach that accounts for mobile friendliness on all device types without compromising on presentation or performance.

Let us deliver you a website that will resonate with your customers.
Starting at: $3500.00

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What’s Included:

Social Media Branding

Looking good and having a consistent brand message is important, even on social channels. We offer social media profile and banner asset designs. Since the sizes differ on each platform, we’ll design and build social assets for Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Starting at: $150.00

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What’s Included:

Complete Branding

Set your Brand up for Success

Get all the brand assets you need to establish or rebrand your business online and offline.

A major benefit of doing the complete branding is that you ensure your brand appears the same for all your marketing outlets. After surveying business owners, we put an essentials package together to brand your business professionally, while saving money on the designs.

Starting at: $4800.00

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What’s Included: