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Struggling to conquer your competition? Need a second set of eyes to look at your site? We want to be partners in your success! We’ve audited and consulted with many different businesses to improve their websites. If you think you could be experiencing ranking declines due to the latest algorithm update or aren’t getting results for your business from web traffic contact us.

We offer two types of website audits: our page speed focused audit and our comprehensive website audit. Our page speed audit focuses solely on getting the most out of your website performance for users. Studies have shown a correlation directly between page speed and higher ranking improvements. If you need a little more than a performance audit to adorn your site, we also offer a comprehensive website audit looking over your entire website presence from site structure and keyword optimization to link profiles, as well as site performance. We look over technical standards and highlight potential opportunities for improvement. If you have specific concerns or questions please let us know so we can tailor our audit for you.

Audit Details:

The Audit Process

  1. Intake

    We’ll need access to the website(s) being audited and Google Analytics/Google Search Console logins. While we can crawl and analyze the website as-is for many signals, this data helps us determine your most powerful pages and any site traffic trends.

  2. Investigation

    Getting nerdy with the data, we’ll begin the investigation process analyzing everything on your site, and with our tools for your particular site audit. If any specific concerns are expressed we focus on those in addition to our standard process.

  3. Documentation

    During the investigative stage we document our crawls and findings as we progress through the site. This information, in addition to our audit notes, combines to create an item by printable audit document. The spreadsheets from our crawls and identified optimizations are included with this document.

  4. Consultation

    We’ll package the audit for your review and set up a time to consult over the findings of the audit and the best method of making improvements. We’ll also review what the ongoing strategy for the site should be and if there are any improvements to your current efforts.

  5. Implementation*

    An Optional Step, we also offer doing the improvements once the audit is conducted to get the site optimized. Not everyone has the time, or in some cases, knows how to make some of the specific improvements, so we offer this as an option.

Types of Audits

Choose the Audit you Need

Pagespeed Audit

A very popular option, especially since page speed and user experience has become a prevalent ranking factor for competing. Our team of experts will review your site for page speed improvements to deliver your website as effectively as possible for your customers and search engines. We’ll document the improvements we see across the site, and then review them with you.

Starting at: $250.00

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Factors We Focus On:

Comprehensive Site Audit

Ideal for the occasional fresh pair of eyes on a website, we offer a comprehensive website audit. This audit is aimed at improving the website as whole to benefit the user and the search engines. Websites can have many updates and publishers over the years. This is a great way to have the site looked at for any improvements and to help identify what IS and ISN’T working well for your website. We also ensure your site is well within Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Starting at: $1500.00

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Factors We Focus On: