Is Digital Marketing Right for Your Business?

Posted: Oct 12, 2022 | Topic: Business

To stay pertinent and successful in business today, it is imperative that businesses utilize digital marketing strategies. It’s a great option to grow your business no matter the size or niche of your business. So it’s less if it’s right for your business and more, what strategies are right for you?

Encompassing digitalization into your established marketing techniques will optimize your efforts to expand your client base and annual revenue.

The statistic that only 7% of users make it to the third page of a google search proves just having a website is no longer enough.

Using Digital Marketing to Generate More Business

NO business wants to see a plateau in customers and incoming interests when the ultimate goal is to continue growing.

In combining inbound and outbound strategies, digital marketing has proven to be efficient and cost effective. On average, companies see numbers double when looking at their return on investment (ROI) for digital efforts.

Tailoring Your Strategy & Qualifying Customers

Using digital strategies allow you to tailor them to fit the size of your company and the number of leads you are able to maintain. They can be made are scalable as you grow too.

In pushing outbound information and promotions, you are no longer subject to trying to land just local customers but expand to out of state and even international interests.

Digital marketing strategies should be customized to your companies goals to help qualify your leads and convert new customers more easily.

Expanding Your Visibility & Brand Audience

Are your brand points limited to what you are able to do locally or does it stretch to your capabilities once distance is in play?

With the ability to expand your reach is no longer a question, now think of how you are going to provoke your new audience to take interest in you.

The answer to this question folds into niche and lead qualification to ensure you are correctly portraying yourself. Within your business niche, because all are unique and provide unique opportunities, you will use the website and complement with digital efforts to reach your audience appropriately.

Attaining Consumer Trust & Brand Impressions

Within the decisions of how you design your business for digital interaction, you are silently providing impressions to your brand. Marketing psychology studies have shown that a brand may take anywhere from 6-8 impressions before a consumer is ready to convert.

Leveraging your brand, digital strategy and understanding your consumer can make even small aspects like logos and design resonate with your credibility.

While there are many subtle techniques you can incorporate into your brand strategy and design to lower the number of brand impressions before conversion. Establishing an online presence to enable multiple brand touches takes time. In pursuit of rankings and leads remember you’re also building that online reputation and those touch points for more brand authority.

There are MANY other ways to provide consumer trust and credibility online.

Here are a few we suggest pursuing to help build your online reputation:

  1. Have a Social Media Presence

    Enable your clients, patients and or consumers to connect with you on multiple platforms. Having a social presence means something different to each niche. The channels are normally different for each business and niche depending on your strategy, so be sure to use the channels that work for your brand. Strategize ongoing efforts, but prioritize having a profile across multiple communities for those impressions.

    Tailored Tip: Social media channels can be very effective at complementing brand and reputation search results.

  2. Secure Your Website

    Online consumers have come to expect websites to have the lock in the URL, looking for that https address. So using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification has become an industry standard and for more than just protecting consumers. SSLs also provide some additional pagespeed and some studies have show to have an effect in search ranking too!

    Most quality web hosting includes SSLs for your website, so just make sure they are enabled and that the site is being served to the https:// version of the site for customers.

  3. BBB & Offsite Brand Mentions

    Buildings off site mentions of your business will be important to both reach new customers in those communities but also to provide more brand authority. The BBB or Better Business Bureau is a good example. Consumers use their site to check the legitimacy and credibility of a business online. BBB is a more official channel, but there are thousands or offsite mentions to be attained online for business. The ecosystem is massive, so using it to create more brand touches and long term authority can be powerful. We often pursue more of these business citations to reinforce our local rankings as well as build brand reputation.

  4. Testimonials & Reviews

    A kind word from a customer is always appreciated. While on the site the review narrative may be more controlled, offsite review sources like Google My Business, the BBB and Yelp! will be user generated. A positive review can be very effective in impacting click through rates(CTR), conversion and even rankings for local offices. Most online users know that this is also where negative reviews can go and share their bad customer experiences too. It’s very important to be aware of your online reputation, good and bad.

Your business is going to create customer impressions. So using those impressions to your advantage to better connect and communicate your credibility can lead to more long term success. There are numerous ways of taking advantage of online resources to build your brand and create more of those impressions with new customers. Just be sure while expanding your impressions you’re still keeping your credibility too.

Still Not Convinced About Digital Marketing?

The most successful businesses in the world dedicate annual marketing budgets, for promotion, reputation, or just plain to sell more.

While most traditional campaigns have a start and end date, online doesn’t. Digital marketing provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year opportunity to market to your customers. That’s exponentially more opportunities for new customers, brand impressions and sales.

Digital marketing has quickly proven itself to be an effective and universal technique that not only produces results, but strategies can be tailored individually to YOUR business. With scalable campaigns for business of ANY size, it allows you to expand your reach and target your ideal audience persistently. Not to mention the advantage of building your credibility and brand presence online.

Don’t know where to start? Contact us, we’ll help find a strategy that works for your business.